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About Me

Challenging my passion in the arts has enabled me to develop new skills and explore mediums that have enhanced my artistic abilities. My intention as an artist is to create a new perspective for the viewer to adopt, by changing the focal points and simultaneously strengthening my unique style. Following the creative process has allowed me to generate ideas, explore and learn new mediums, display and present my art, and reflect on the entire artistic journey. I have grown as an artist though the experiences I have had while creating each piece, pushing my imagination and discovering new concepts and ideas. My most powerful pieces are the subjects that I am able to relate to from real life experiences. Whether the subject is dark or light, going through the process of telling a story provides clarity and a sense of healing that is projected onto its audience. I often adapt this, and will continue to do so, by resorting back to personal experiences to create projects that are derived from familiarities in life.


2010 - 2017

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School


2017 - 

Queens University 




Art Hung in St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School Gala. 



School exhibits, Visual Art curriculum. 



Kerr Street Cafe Exhibit, 3 weeks 

Clients Experience

& Awards 


Communications and Technology: High School Award 

Visual Art Excellence: High School Award 

Sherida Scott

Nancy Roberston 

Liz Snell

Meghan Elizabeth 

Mike Van Hees 

Jonathan Bowman 

Danny Bell 

Holli Allen

Jennifer Scheuring

Tracy Landry

Robert Buckley 

Kim Podivinsky

Dee Hastings

Jack Perros

Dave Anderson

Laura Niro

Ali Millar 

Lenn Beech 

Joanne Peters 

Alli Millar

Margo Hains

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